Sunday, July 07, 2013

Discovery Revealed

Deuteronomy 4.44
This is the Revelation that Moses presented to the People of Israel.
how amazing, lord, your revelation and how you do it! we will never know anything about you, we will never understand anything at all about you, much less follow whatever you say, if you do not so graciously reveal yourself to us! how you have shown us your heart all these years, from the beginning of time you have faithfully opened yourself up to us so we could see right to your heart and know how life is lived and what real life is! thank you for your love, your foresight, your generosity, your infinite power and grace that allowed us, your creation, to directly relate with you and have something that is far beyond what the physical world is - a true, loving relationship with you that can only be experienced because of your spirit that you freely give to us all so we can understand you and touch your heart. thank you lord, thank you lord!

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