Friday, July 19, 2013

The Voice

Deuteronomy 5.26
Has anyone ever known of anyone who has heard the Voice of GOD the way we have and lived to tell the story?
what grace, lord, what provision, and what foresight! thank you for giving us exactly what we need at the exact moment we need it - none other than you, lord! thank you for speaking to us in a way that we can hear you, your word can work in our lives, and we can live to tell the story and watch it flourish and grow in our minds, hearts and everyone around us! you are truly blessed, you are truly powerful, and every single day from the start of eternity it's your voice that has only mattered, and will continue to do so! praise you God because you are personal, and your voice speaks into our lives in the way only you could every can, empowering us, strengthening us, bringing us to where you want us to be, and your word working its way to let your perfect plan happen and bring hope and direction to us all. thank you lord!

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