Wednesday, July 31, 2013

With All I Am

Deuteronomy 6.5
Love him with all that’s in you!
yes father, with all that is in us, with our everything, we spare no emotion, we spare no dedication, we spare no expense, no extravagance and luxury in our love for you - in our obedience, as we follow you; in how we pay attention to you as we tune everything out except you for our sustenance and direction; in how we hang on to your every word for our nourishment, encouragement and generosity; in how we fully trust and obey you and depend on you for our each and every step, each and every turn; in how we are nothing without you but thankfully we are never ever without you - we love you with the very same capacity you have deposited in us! thank you lord, that even right down to our love for you - this every love still came from you. praise you, praise you lord!

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