Thursday, July 18, 2013

In The Middle

Deuteronomy 5.24
We've heard him speak from the fire today!
amen! once again, lord, we see you work right from our circumstance, right in the heat of the moment, right in our very fire! thank you lord that truly nothing could ever take your word away from us, the word that we have hidden in our hearts, and your voice that passes all understanding! truly nothing can shut you off, for when you speak, you bring life - your words do their perfect deed surely and powerfully, and no matter what our circumstance and situation is, we know for sure that it's still your best plan that happens no matter what. no matter what! everything will pass away, everything will be consumed by fire except your word. your word stands true, and it's the only thing we build our lives on - no matter what the world says, you yourself speak from the fire!

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