Thursday, July 25, 2013

Walk And No Turn

Deuteronomy 5.33
Walk straight down the road GOD commands.
thank you lord for giving us a road to travel down. thank you that in you there is never confusion, there is always peace, there is always order and security in your sovereignty, the truth that you hold everything in your hands, nothing misses your eye, and your compassionate heart always generously showers grace to everyone - no exception, no limits, no boundaries. praise you lord that we have a choice, we can vote on our direction, we are never stuck on a degenerative path, we are never confined to our past, and certainly never limited by what we conceive of our future - no, we have a bright hope ahead of us when we follow you, we have a sure future that we can be expectant with because you are trustworthy and the perfect example for us to follow, love and obey!

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