Monday, July 01, 2013


Deuteronomy 4.38
bringing you out and turning their land over to you as an inheritance.
you not only conquer and defeat our enemies, you not only render whoever goes against you irrelevant and a non-issue, but you take back what's rightfully yours that have been stolen and give it back to whoever you generously apportioned it for in all your wisdom and infinite authority! what a God! what a generous, loving God of foresight and sovereignty. amazing, God, that not a single detail is missed by your watchful eye, not a single emotion is dismissed by your caring heart, not a single cry of total surrender is ignored by your unending fatherhood! we are truly at a loss for words that express our gratitude for your goodness, for your generosity, for your love, and yes, especially for the overflowingly abundant grace that infinitely enlarges our capacity! we can we can we can because you have you have you have!

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