Saturday, July 20, 2013

Go, Listen, Do

Deuteronomy 5.27
Go and listen to what GOD says. We'll listen and we'll do it.
yes lord, our lifeline, our very breath - is what you say. what would we be without your word? truly nothing. we will go, will will listen, and we will do. we trust your word - it's trustworthy - that when you say something, you are well and sure to keep it true, keep it going forever, and you will always do right by your word to do its deed and create the life that it was sent forth to do. what we hear from you, we will allow to reign in our spirits, we will allow to take over our mindsets. we will keep your word on top of everything! no matter what we feel, no matter what we go through, no matter what we are in, who we are with, who we are without, what we are without - these things don't determine our course, because it's only YOUR word that sets our path and direction - from our mind to our heart to our spirit and body.

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