Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Deuteronomy 5.31
You, you stay here with me so I can tell you all.
yes lord, we will stay with you where you are, so you can tell us all we need to follow you and impart to everyone else around us as well. we will settle in our hearts to stay where you are, to always be conscious of your presence, to never lose our sensitivity and drop our guards - always fight for our life with you, for our relationship with you no matter how inconvenient, no matter what the world tries to throw at us, because we know that it's your strength, your grace that lets us hold on to our dear life in you, that lets us keep the important on top of everything and everyone else. it's your strength, your joy, your capacity that allows us to stay, stay seated in your presence, filled with peace amidst the world surrounding us. yes lord, we will stay with you and listen to you.

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