Friday, July 05, 2013

The Real Thing

Deuteronomy 4.40
you'll live well and your children after you
praise you for this word, lord! thank you that by obeying you and only by obeying you, we will live well and our children after us! thank you lord that our life does not truly depend on our jobs, our efforts, the people we know, the relationships that we have, our past, our present and future, our training, and whether we have all these things or not - all of these come second when it comes to obeying you! when we wholeheartedly run after what you say, your principles of living, your word growing in our heart, when we keep your plans, your goals, your targets for our lives above anything else in all love and true devotion - when we live obediently by your rules and commands, you yourself guarantee that our life with you is the BEST, and not just for us, but for our children as well, the generations after us- physically and spiritually!

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