Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Deuteronomy 5.24
Our GOD has revealed to us his glory and greatness!
thank you lord for never keeping us in the dark! thank you lord for never cutting us off from who you truly are! the world goes with the exact opposite grain - the more the mystery and intrigue, the more seemingly fascinating, but eventually confusing and leads to nothing. but with you, no, nothing is hidden in the dark - you are the author of light, and even your heart and your compassion you revealed to us. your glory and your greatness you show us in every possible way your creation can contain. your honesty and your truthfulness reigns supreme, your truth never stops, it never gets cut off, it never hides, it always brings everything to light, always causes order and peace, always transcends our understanding from our minds right down to our hearts. praise you lord! you are truly glorious and great!

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