Friday, July 12, 2013

Paid For

Deuteronomy 5.6
I brought you out of a house of slaves.
listen, my soul, you have been brought out of your house of slavery! you, handpicked and specially cared for to be given real freedom, plucked out of the drowning sea of your circumstances, your world, your situations, your predicaments, and cleansed, renewed, transformed into a beloved child taken under God's wing and given the true freedom to love and be loved by the master, your father, himself! revel and rest in the privilege you get to have not because of what your past was, but because of whose identity it was that made all the impossible to be grandly possible! enjoy, be grateful, be thankful, commune with him, and move in all humble realization that every breath, every beat of your heart, is God-breathed, God-graced, all part of his grand plan since before time began. you are absolutely not overlooked.

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