Thursday, July 04, 2013


Deuteronomy 40
Obediently live by his rules and commands.
have your way, father, have free reign over every aspect of our lives - from the thoughts that we think to the decisions we make, from the emotions we feel to the steps that we take, have free reign lord, take the reins! your rules and your commands are never burdensome, they are tall and majestic lamp posts that keep us secure, warm and protected in you whichever way the wind blows and wherever we end up in! lord, no one is above you, we believe in you, we are fully sold out to you and who you are and what you do - what else is there? who else is there but you, lord? nothing, no one is ever above you - so have your freedom in our lives, do what you want, do what you please, in all your wisdom and sovereignty, we know you can, we know you will, we rest secure and strong in you. praise you lord!

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