Monday, July 08, 2013

Speaking Of

Deuteronomy 4.45
These are the testimonies after their exodus from Egypt.
thank you lord that your word is true and alive in our lives, lord. thank you that whatever we go through - ups or downs, mountains or valleys, highs or lows, we know that they are all good and great testimonies of how true your word is, how lasting it is, how above all things it is! we know for sure that we will have testimonies AFTER our exodus, we will have great and wonderful things to say and share and proclaim and talk about and cry about and encourage with and write about and praise you with - because we know that there will be an AFTER that comes at the end of our exodus, at the end of what we are going through. we are not stuck in the challenge, we are not forever stuck in the difficulty, there is an AFTER! there is an AFTER! where and when we will testify and speak of just how mighty and extraordinary you were, are, and always will be!

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