Monday, July 22, 2013

Good. Forever. Generations

Deuteronomy 5.29
They'd have a good life forever, they and their children!
what a guarantee, what a great thing that comes to everyone who commits to calling you lord, who follows you and holds on to you for dear life! a GOOD life - forever! nothing bad ever coming out of whatever the enemy has planned, even consequences of past decisions are all covered compared to the grace of your GOODNESS, the life full of hope you have planned for and are SURELY executing every single tick of time! thank you lord, we know the end from the start - good life FOREVER! and not just for us, no - you have always set your heart for the generations! we are the generations of our fathers, and now we have our own generations to look forward to - all having the good life that comes out of following you, keeping you word first and foremost over everything! amen!

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