Saturday, July 13, 2013

Only You

Deuteronomy 5.7
No other gods, only me.
yes, God, simply said. but powerful and true! no other God except you, no other God of the impossible except you! you're the only one who brings forth everything out of nothing! you're the only God who makes everything beautiful, no matter how hellbent it might be. you are the only one who comes through EVERY SINGLE TIME. you never fail, your power is unlimited, your reach is endless, your judgment is never wrong and always fair, your heart is bottomless and pure, your reign and rule is all-encompassing and eternal, there is nothing you cannot do! there is nothing you cannot conceive! there is nothing that can stand in your way, there is no one who could foil your perfect plans, there is no one that could ever come up with what you bring to life! there simply is no other god, except you!

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