Sunday, July 21, 2013

Heart of God

Deuteronomy 5.29
What I wouldn't give if they'd always feel this way, continuing to revere me and always keep all my commands
what a heart, lord! what a heart you have! what insight you give to us letting us in on what moves you, what drives your emotions, what touches your heart - what you wouldn't give for us to always want to listen to you, to hang on to your every word, to continue to revere you and always follow you and keep you on top. oh you would hold nothing back! thank you for your generosity! the God of the impossible, the one who calls everything out of nothing, the one who comes up with the one and only true, tried and tested best way and plan for any kind of situation, any kind of circumstance, any predicament and any mountain, high or low, any valley, wide or narrow! you are the author and source of everything, and we trust you, lord. we are secure, at peace in you. we love you lord.

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