Monday, July 15, 2013

Don't Forget

Deuteronomy 5.15
Don't ever forget that you were slaves and GOD, your God, got you of there in a powerful show of strength.
we are eternally grateful, lord. we are truly thankful, God, for what you did, for what you mightily did, our enemies scampering away in defeat and we marching in your triumphant victory! thank you lord for bringing us true freedom - the only kind of freedom that lets us serve you from now on without being pulled down and kept down by our selves, by our enemies, by anyone who goes against your perfect will and your beautiful plan. your rescue wasn't trivial, it was the biggest thing that ever happened to us, and everyday you keep working, everyday you keep doing the impossible, everyday you keep saving us, everyday you do all these in a powerful show of strength! there is absolutely no one like you, and we will never ever forget, we will plant this deep in our hearts!

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