Thursday, May 02, 2013

All This Time

Deuteronomy 2.7
For forty years now, GOD, your God, has been right here with you.
all this time, lord! all this time! no matter how long we thought one part of our life would be, you have been right here with us longer than every single one of those! victories, challenges - all this time you were right here with us. your presence made all the difference, your presence drives away all evil, all fear, all impossibilities, all lack, all curses - you with us, God with us, the king, the eternal one, the all-powerful one, all-present one, all-wise one, almighty one, right here with us, wherever we go, whatever we do. YOU are the definition of faithful, not just sticking to your word, but getting better at keeping it every single time - because you go from strength to strength, from glory to even more glory. you are infinite, inexhaustible, immense, so beyond us, yet always with us. thank you lord.

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