Saturday, May 18, 2013

Also, Again

Deuteronomy 3.3
So GOD, our God, also handed Og king of Bashan over to us--Og and all his people--and we utterly crushed them. Again, no survivors.
what a great reminder lord, with the "also" and the "again"! these words just emphasize how consistent you are, what a strong foundation you are, and how you never regress, you always progress! thank you lord that history does repeat itself, because we know that your victory is always won, your plans are guaranteed to be the best, and your means and sovereignty are beyond our capacity to think. so we praise you lord! we thank you! our hearts are full and overwhelmed with joy, because you are able, and you are willing! when you say something, when you do something, when you do something, you finish it to the uttermost - and then some! blessed be your holy name, lord, we could never ask for anything more other than your hand in everything. we love you lord!

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