Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ready To Assist

Deuteronomy 3.18
Although the Lord your God has given you this land as your property, all your fighting men must cross the Jordan ahead of your Israelite relatives, armed and ready to assist them.
how true, lord, how important and how timely! even if you have already handed us your promises, we are sure that our family and friends are right there, armed and ready to assist us. but more than that, lord, it works the other way around too! we know your promise and your love and your provision and all to our family and friends, but nonetheless we will fight until the end for them and with them, ready and armed to assist them in WHATEVER they may need! oh lord what a great and truly loving revelation! thank you for breaking our mindsets and expanding our perspectives once again, drawing out our borders even farther, and once again increasing our capacities even more! truly a life lived in YOUR strength and in YOUR provision is limitless and boundless, reaching far more than what we could ever do on our own!

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