Monday, May 06, 2013

Do Whatcha Gotta Do

Deuteronomy 2.24
Cross the brook.
do what you have to do. get over what you are hung up with. move past whatever the obstacle is, let go of what's holding you back - the hurt, the pain, the unforgiveness, sever your ties with them, disassociate yourself with your past burdens, clear your mind of doubts about the future, rid yourself of fears for what is to happen, cleanse yourself of your past and present disappointments, take his fully-enabling grace and move ahead, get past them all, cross the brook and begin to lay hold of his promises for you. today is the day of action, now is the time for your to apply all you have heard from him, to act on his promises, to let them work, to claim your possession, what he has rightfully written for you, go ahead, cross the brook! he is with you all the way.

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