Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Guarded in the Dark

Deuteronomy 2.7
He has guarded you in your travels through this immense wilderness.
right through our wilderness, lord, right through our dry, lowest valleys, our disappointments, our discouragements and failure, you have guarded us in our travels. wherever we went, whenever it was, your sovereign hand kept us from harm! your protection that spans the heavens and universe and beyond has always been with us, right in our hearts, our minds, our bodies and you never let go, not once, not a single time, not ever breaking your word, whatever the consequence of our decision was, you carried us through with overflowing grace, whatever the dark days that came, you made sure your protective light kept us in you, never letting us drift away, never allowing the enemy to take over, never leaving us nor forsaking us, just as you said. thank you lord, thank you thank you thank you.

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