Monday, May 27, 2013


Deuteronomy 3.24
You let me see your greatness
how generous, lord! what a way to fuel-inject our heart and soul with adrenaline and shoot through our veins with your all-empowering grace and word, lord! your greatness - the amazing genius of your plan, how you never overlook a single detail no matter how tiny, how you never fall short of an expectation from your word no matter how big, how your plans always, always fall into place no matter what, how your provision never ever runs short, no matter how common these words may sound - they are very true, very real, very deep and very impactful! thank you lord that you let us see your greatness in your sovereign generosity, even if you need no proof of how you work, how trustworthy you are, how true you are to your word, you show us your greatness just the same. thank you lord, we need you more than ever.

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