Thursday, May 16, 2013


Deuteronomy 3.2
Don't be afraid of him; I'm turning him over to you, along with his whole army and his land.
yes lord! we will not fear, we will not cover and hold back, we will never shrink back in fear and retreat from anyone who tries to get in the way, because it's not just your promise that we will get, it's not just your promise that will bow down to your call, but even those who stand in the way will be ours! even the people who don't believe in what you are doing will end up honouring you in exactly what they did not believe you for! whoever tries to get in the way will end up being part of the promise, lord! what a revelation! thank you lord, that even our enemies, who plan and do all evil against your direction, will have no choice but to be part of your beautiful plan, fulfilling your word and every verdict and condition right down to the smallest detail! amen!

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