Thursday, May 09, 2013

For Sure!

Deuteronomy 2.25
Before the day is out, I'll make sure.
how sweet it is to be promised to by you! how soothing to the soul, how secure to the heart, how peaceful to the mind, how reassuring to the spirit. whatever you promise, whenever your perfect time is, YOU are the one who WILL MAKE SURE it happens! you are the perfect guarantor, the granter of your promises, the keeper of your word! you are the everything that makes the promise happen, and even the one who makes the promise! what a God! what an extraordinary existence, what infinite wisdom, what huge sovereignty, you have everything under perfect control nothing ever slips past you, nothing ever causes you to trip, your absolutely perfect existence is our security, is our lifeline, is the very air we breathe and subsist on. praise you lord!

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