Friday, May 10, 2013

As You Can See

Deuteronomy 2.30
As you can see that he has done.
oh yes, God, we see with our eyes of faith, and how gracious you are for us to see a lot with our physical eyes! thank you lord for how much of a God you are, how you have come through time and again in the past, how your routine has established a perfect track record, "as we can see that you have done!" praise you lord, hallelujah for all you've done! thank you lord for giving us eyes of faith to see what you have promised way before it physically happens, because the physical only follows the spiritual, so the heart of the matter is what you give birth in the spirit! thank you lord for teaching us how to think like you, how to live by your words, how to see like you, how to exist in your world, so we can reach out in love to the world around us. how you love, lord!

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