Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fear Not, Faith Do!

Deuteronomy 3.22
Don't be afraid of them. GOD, your God,--he's fighting for you.
amen, amazing, how the lord brings it all together - from his word to the people he surrounds us with: don't be afraid, God is fighting for you! yes, father, we will drill this into our soul and flood our minds with this truth until our mouth starts to speak it into our lives and all around us and our hearts fully believe what you called out! thank you lord for such certainty with which you aimed these words right at us, for it is exactly what we need every single day for us to walk through anything no matter how frightening and intimidating they may be. thank you lord that by your grace we can say YES to the first step and continue strongly in the walk you have so well-prepared for us right until the very end. thank you lord that we were born to break our limits, by you and through you. amen!

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