Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Deuteronomy 3.12
When we took possession of this land...
oh blessed be your holy name, father, because with you promises are never just an IF, but are always a WHEN! oh lord how sure and secure your sovereignty is! your throne rules above the entire universe and beyond and it also sits in our hearts! imagine that, the throne of the king of kings and lord of lords resides and lives in and with us! with your presence lord nothing is ever a second-guess, with you being with us everything is always a sure thing! your wisdom and guidance, your provision, your health, and even our emotions - they are always a SURE, positively GOOD thing because of you and your amazing and wonderful plans and promises. truly! your plans give us a FUTURE and a HOPE, the life that only you could ever give and could ever love with, and never just a possibility, but always a surety!

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