Tuesday, May 07, 2013

All Yours

Deuteronomy 2.24
Here's the king and his land. I'm handing it over to you--it's all yours.
this is how God works! when he has his mind set on one thing, it happens not just beautifully, not just perfectly, but COMPLETELY. it's ALL yours! whatever he has promised - that peace in the midst of the storm, that timely provision in the midst of need, that perfect health in the midst of an epidemic, that unshakable stance in the midst of an earth-shattering quake, that shield of protection in the midst of a crossfire, that timely word in a hostile confrontation, that assuring presence in the midst of everything and everyone around you, that never-ending promise in the midst of all opposition and impossibility - they are all yours, HANDED OVER TO YOU - not just the land, but the king itself! not just the promise, but even the one who laid claim of it in the past - no more threats in the future, whatever he has given to you CAN NEVER BE TAKEN AWAY!

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