Tuesday, May 14, 2013

No Not One

Deuteronomy 2.36
Not a single town proved too much for us; GOD, our God, gave every last one of them to us.
thank you lord! not a single rebellion will ever prevail, not a single attempt to change your plan will succeed - when you promise one thing, when you set your mind to it, we know and we are guaranteed that you will fulfill your every word to every last dot! thank you lord that when you give, you give completely. when you love, you love completely - not a singl detail missed, not a single detail postponed, not a single detail ignored - everything you give generously, and everything you give in your perfect time, altogether, the pieces all completing each other and complementing each other to fit your perfect puzzle, your perfect plan that we can trust and hope in every step of the way. thank you lord, not a single opposition could ever prove too much for us, because you, our God, give every last one of your promises to us! praise you lord!

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