Saturday, May 04, 2013


Deuteronomy 2.22
God got rid of the Horites who lived there earlier and they moved in and took over, as you can see.
when You make a plan, we do not need to struggle with and strive for it. this is the best statement of your sovereign provision ever, lord! what a God! you told us not to fight with those whose land you haven't given to us, because we will just lose. but you told us to take possession and lay claim of whatever you promised, because you already got rid of everyone and everything who lived there earlier so we can move and take over. we've seen this with our very eyes, in our hearts and minds, that when you are set on something, there's no stopping you, and your eyes are always set fort our good, for the best, because your heart is set for the good and best for you! and we are just so blessed that the good for you spills over to be the best for us. amen amen amen!

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