Friday, May 03, 2013


Deuteronomy 2.7
You haven't lacked one thing.
oh my soul, let this be a resounding trumpet in your heart! YOU HAVE NEVER LACKED ONE SINGLE THING! all this time! all your existence, whatever you went through, whatever your situation was, whatever your wilderness was, however long your forty years was, whatever your desert was, YOU NEVER LACKED ANYTHING! what makes you think this word will change? what ever challenged the very existence of this word and its eternal validity and presented itself against what the lord has done and shown and said? no one, nothing trumps his word! and you've seen it your whole life - you haven't lacked one thing. so every time something presents itself in disagreement with this truth - any circumstance, situation or seemingly clear and present danger, just remember this: you haven't lacked one thing!

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