Sunday, May 19, 2013

High Walls

Deuteronomy 3.5
These towns were all fortified with high walls and barred gates.
amazing how you carry out your plans, lord! no matter how strong the fortification, no matter how high the walls and how barred the gates, they never stand a chance to the good that you have in mind and the infrastructure that you have in place and the wonder that you can call out with one word and the thoughts that you've conceived of since before the beginning of time! thank you lord that in your promise there's not only the gift but the victory that comes with it, the army of victorious fighters that guarantee our battle is won, our reward is you, our promise is you, and everything else is exactly just that - everything else! but thank you just the same and even all the more because you come and present yourself in all abundance and in all generosity! thank you much lord, praise you!

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