Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Deuteronomy 3.24
You let me see your might
knowing how strong you are lets us do wonders we never even thought possible - only by you and in you! thank you God that you are the God of the impossible, making possible what seems not! your might is on display from the power of your word that spoke everything in existence into being to the power of your arm that moves and sweeps universes in a single wave. the elements tremble at your voice, the stormy sea turns into glass, the the raging heart is calmed in your presence. amazing lord how your might is never brute force - your might is higher, most appropriate, always in wisdom and in fiery zeal and passion! the world and all its wonders are no match to your might, your strength, and thank you that because of you we can indeed do everything because that very same strength works in us through jesus! amen!

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