Wednesday, May 15, 2013

To The Very End

Deuteronomy 2.37
obeying GOD's command
yes lord, we are deeply reminded that even if we know for sure and for real that you have given something wholly to us, not incomplete, but full and mature and perfect and beautiful - even if we know your promise is ours, we still take it by YOUR way, by your command, by your wisdom, by your execution! never trusting in our own strength and in our own ways, but walking in your ways and your work every single time. blessed be your holy name lord, because we know that trusting and obeying you is the only way to truly live, but more important than that thank you for your grace that fully and wholly empowers to do just this - we are strong and able to obey you, to follow your commands, to listen to your spirit and guide us in your directions, all because of your infinite and abundant, available grace!

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