Sunday, October 20, 2013

In Love With You

Deuteronomy 10.15
God fell in love with you ancestors and their children--that's you!
wow God, everything you do comes out of love, absolutely everything! from the moment you established the foundations of the earth and way before that, your love has seen, conceived and covered us and continues to do so until this day. thank you lord that we don't need to look to ourselves to understand your love, all we need to do is look to you and we get flooded with your love and peace in our soul. thank you lord that we can fully trust you because not only are you God, but you are a good! you love to the hilt, you never let go, you are faithful, fully dependable, never stops believing, always keeps going, fully trustworthy, always generous, never misses a thing, all-powerful, lover of justice, but most of all, you love me. you love us. thank you lord, we love you too.

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