Friday, October 11, 2013

You Are Our Inheritance

Deuteronomy 10.9
God is their inheritance, as GOD, your God, promised them.
thank you lord that as we follow you, call you our master and saviour, as we put our entire trust in you - all our decisions from the natural to spiritual, and look to you for our spiritual flourishing right down to our physical provision, you step up and fulfill your promise to the levites - that you are their inheritance! and as we care for your temple in our hearts, as we answer your call to worship you and you alone, we have that very same promise and even more! you will take great care of our every concern, our every care that we cast on you, our every thought, our every non-thought, our very existence and fruitfulness in our hearts, minds, bodies, relationships - everything! all in your great care, you are our inheritance, just as you have promised to all who love and obey you. wow!

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